Another man, another voice, the same songs ...

Mr.EL plays the songs of Sir ELTON JOHN

Mr.EL doesn't want to faithfully imitate, but to remind and re-discover one of the greatest legends of Western music culture, Sir Elton John and his especially poetic, lyric texted by Bernie Taupin.

Costumes and their accessories accentuate the retro image. Mr.EL plays the piano and sings live, when is interpreting some songs, he's using the music background.


Contact us on info@mrel.eu

We will send a presentation with prices on your request. 


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The best of set

  • 50 min
  • for Congresses, Fairs, Club meeteings, Corporate events
  • Guests of this set - singer Sarah Hoblova

Ball set

  • 30 min
  • Elton 's dance songs in blues style, cha cha cha, rhumba, waltz, rock n'roll
  • Guest of this set - singer Sarah Hoblova

Birthday set

  • 40 min
  • Elton's songs + Happy Birthday


Wedding set

  • for Wedding Ceremony
  • F.M.Bartholdy and R.Wagner Wedding March
  • can be played another song on request
  • Guest of this set - singer Sarah Hoblova

Mini set

  • 30 min
  • just piano and singing /without halfplayback/
  • recommended for openings, official dinners, prize givings


Didn 't you choose? Contact me! I 'm looking forward to playing for you!

Technical conditions of performances

       For all sets is necessarily at least 9m2 of place

       Electricity within 50 meters and space to costumes change.

       In case of outdoor production is necessarily covered stage/scene.

 In case you don 't have sound/light technic and piano, we can bring everything.







Renting of grand piano

Just for Czech republic.

Prague and middle of Czech Republic

Jan Rendl
Piano renting Prague
+420 775 133 177

West and South of Czech Republic

Jan Drnek
+420 603 486 247

North of Czech Republic

Ing.Karolína Janoušková
+420 495 712 191
+420 601 083 498



Helena Sterr +420 605 128 002  helena.sterr@novaart.cz 



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